About Bedside Healers

Our Unique Design


Bedside Healers has created 3 amazingly cuddly plush animals with a handy Velcro strap on the back that allows your Bedside Healer to attach to almost anything.   The Heart Nosed Dog, the Golden Lab and the Black Bear are the first members of our family.  By simply having a Bedside Healer stuffed animal hanging on the hospital bed or wearing one on a wrist can be just enough to comfort anyone and remind them of the ones who love them.

To learn more about how Bedside Healers came about, click here to read Dan’s Story.

A Letter from the CEO

Profile PicI would like to start by thanking you for your interest in our great company, Bedside Healers, Inc. My name is Jason Peach and I have been a high school teacher for 16 years and I’ve always had a desire to give back to the community. Bedside Healers has allowed me to make this happen.

The idea of Bedside Healers began in 2001 when my father was hospitalized for over 6 months.  My father’s favorite stuffed animal kept falling off the hospital bed. If it hadn’t fallen off, the nurses would move it to the chair or window sill. I remember that day and I knew it right then that something had to be done. The idea of a “Bedside Healer” that would be near the patient all the time consumed me for the next 10 years.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I would be able put all my actions into a product that you and your loved ones can now enjoy.

Bedside Healers have an innovative design that allows patients to attach them to bed rails, IV posts, walkers, etc. In addition to use in healthcare and wellness, Bedside Healers are great for kids and adults. They can attach to baby cribs, carry-on luggage, bikes, strollers, backpacks, even your wrist! The Bedside Healer lineup includes the Heart Nosed Puppy, The Golden Lab and the Black Bear. We are in the process of bringing you 2 new animals to the family shortly.  Bedside Healers are great for newborns too with our custom shirts that say, “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” on the front.

Amazingly cuddly plush animals with a handy Velcro strap on the back that allows your Bedside Healer to attach to almost anything

Bedside Healers can also be ordered with custom shirts to boast a company’s logo to use as giveaways or special gifts.

Like I said earlier, the mission of this company is to give back and to make a positive difference.  With our company fundraising and other corporate donations we have already donated more than 1,700 Bedside Healers to hospitals and organizations throughout the United States.

Our passion and drive earned Bedside Healers Inc. the Ferndale Michigan’s, Chamber of Commerce’s New Business of the Year award in 2012.

We know that it is because of people like you that make our company what it is today.  Without you and your support of our mission we would not be able to continue.  We appreciate your support and are very thankful.

Jason Peach

CEO, President