Save Lake St. Clair, Inc., is an official Michigan 501(c3) non-profit corporation. 

The time for wishing our government would step in is past. The time for doing is now, not tomorrow. We are in charge of our own destiny and the sustainably of Lake St. Clair for our future to enjoy. Please visit our webpage for full details about our organization at  Also please like, follow and share our Facebook page at 


How will your donations help:

Money donated will go towards a massive clean-up effort by removing the toxic waste muck along our shoreline and all around our lake. This toxic muck covers harbors beyond dangerous levels of e-coli and is killing the lakes entire eco system, endangering those who swim in or near our shoreline including our beaches. Our government refuses to accept that this is their responsibility and refuses to remove by dredging. 

Money donated will go towards additional measures that will help create a better system to monitor our drinking water and monitor our water near our shoreline. Our government continues to only test for the same stuff they have been testing for. What about the harmful chemicals and toxins they do not test for including microcystin? Can you believe that our government only has one test site across the entire lake dedicated to same day, real time testing? That location is at Lake St. Clair Metro Park (Metro Beach). Every other beach and park still utilizes the same old tests today. The lake water samples are taken in a certain depth of water, not at our shoreline, where our feet would hit the water and is usually or first point of contact with any E-Coli. Then the tested water travels to the lab. The results usually take a day or two to arrive and are published two or three days. The test's actually show that people should not have been in contact with the water long before the test results are published.

Money donated will go towards trying to restore the harvester project and encourage the removal of weeds and plant growth that algae thrive on and spur its growth and can cause entrapment of deadly toxins and swimmers. 

Money donated will go towards partnering with other organizations that have new and unique ideas that would be able to help clean our environment.

Money donated will go towards raising awareness efforts of the issues that our government does not.  

If you enjoy all the beauty and recreation  Lake St. Clair provides and want to protect that beauty please purchase a Bedside Healer today and 1/3 of the profits from that purchase will go to this worthy cause.

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