Marisa looking out window

bedside_healers_michelle_sleeping_high_res“Bedside Healers are SO cute. There are several different animals you can choose from. If you don’t want it on your bedside, you can connect it to anything so you’re never alone. They are great for all ages.”

Claudia G.

“During a recent hospital stay I was given a Bedside Healer as a gift. Every time I looked at my IV pole I was reminded that I wasn’t alone and that somebody cared. As my health improved I was able to walk the halls with my IV pole. I was greeted by passers by with a “Where did you get that cute little dog? “, or “I sure would like that dog on my IV pole.” Nurses, doctors, patients, and visitors commented how much they liked my Bedside Healer companion. The day I was discharged and taking my last walk with my IV pole I was greeted by an older lady on her way to chemo. She wished she could have my Bedside Healer, and to “Pay it Forward” I gave it to her. It put a smile on her face and she commented that I had made her day. Hopefully my little companion is comforting her as much as it comforted me.”

Dan P.


“These lil healers are the BOMB. Such a sweet notion, a comfort to stay with you when you are sick, when you are hurting, when you are lonely, when you are scared. You can’t go wrong with this gift for loved ones who aren’t feeling well. Let them know you care!!!”

Barbara P.

“My 98 year old grandmother was in the hospital with a broken hip. My daughter saw a Bedside Healer in the gift shop and insisted I buy it for “maw maw”. She absolutely LOVED it, as well as what it represented….her great grand daughter’s love for her and her wish for her to get better. “Maw maw” has recovered fully now and I will FOREVER be a believer in Bedside Healers. Thank you for providing hope…….we will be grateful forever!!!!!”

Jim H.

This is a wonderful enterprise! Go Healers, do your work!!!!

Terri L.M.